Circuit Breaker, QO, 3 Pole, 40 Amp, Bolt On, 22kA


Square D QOB340VH Miniature Circuit Breaker with trip window feature; 40 Amp, 240 Volt AC, 3 Pole, Wire size 14 To 3 Awg (Aluminum/Copper), Bolt On Mount

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For commercial office or shop use. Favored by many electricians Square D stands out as the top rated circuit breaker in its field. Key features include the Trip Window Mechanism which indicates a tripped circuit. Molded Case, Common Trip, Thermal Magnetic, 1-3 Poles, 120/240 VAC At 50/60 HZ, Type QOB, Phase 3, Poles 3, Voltage 240, Amperage 40, Connection Bolt On, Protection Thermal Magnetic, Functions LI Long Time and Instantaneous, [email protected]

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.25 × 2.91 in